Organic Results vs Sponsored Pay Per Click Results
Paud Results vs Unpaid Results

Organic Results vs Sponsored (Pay Per Click) Results
In our previous article we introduced you to the SEO process and what it is intended for. In this article we will discuss the difference between the sponsored and organic results. First a few definitions.

Organic Results
Unpaid or natural search engine listings displayed in the main body of the search engine result pages.

Sponsored or Pay Per Click Results
Paid search engine listings displayed at the top and on the right side of the search engine result pages.

What’s better for you?
The answer is: it depends. Both types of results have their benefits and disadvantages depending on what you are trying to achieve. Search engine optimization process applies to attaining top rankings in the organic listings and is a part of a long term strategy for your overall website success.
This is not easy and takes long time (could be 12 months or more) to achieve top rankings in the Organic results, but is very rewarding. The general rule of thumb is the closer you are to the top, the more visitors will be tempted to visit your website. Your traffic increases and your reward shows – it’s free. You don’t pay a dime for a click.

Let’s look at this from another perspective. You run an online store that sells flowers. Valentine’s day is fast approaching and you need to advertise your promotions. The reality is it may take search engines up to 3 months to scan the changes you made on your website and reflect them in the organic results. Meanwhile, Valentine’s day is long gone, and you haven’t had a single client taking advantage of your online promotions. This is when Pay Per Click (Sponsored) advertising comes handy. Although you do have to pay for every click, you get to be at the top of the first page if you are the highest bidder. The price of every click is driven by what your competition is willing to pay. Unlike with Organic Results, your Pay Per Click (Sponsored Search) advertisement will begin delivering your message to prospective clients as soon as set up and running.

As you may conclude, both processes are aimed at driving traffic to your website using different ways. There are many benefits in optimizing your website for the long run and it is important to take advantage of the Pay Per Clicks every now and then.

Prepared by: Super SEO Man