How To Be First On Search Engine

Straight to the point.

If you are asking this question, then you are on the right tracks. You understand the reward of being first on the major search engines and want to take full advantage of it.

Simply, there are two primary ways to get you on that first page.

Sponsored | Paid | Pay Per Click Advertising

Key Benefits (pros):

1. Gets your website on the first page just as soon as you have your campaigns setup.
2. Will keep you at the top for as long as you are the highest bidder and your budget allows.

Main Drawbacks (cons):

1. Costs per click can be high depending on the industry you are in, how much your competition is willing to pay for the same keyword phrase you intend on using, etc.
2. Allows your ads to only appear on THAT search engine you purchased this ad space in, restricted only to the RIGHT side of the search engine result pages and sometimes to the top with a light yellow background identifying such results as sponsored.
3. Vast majority of surfers give their click preference to the organic (natural a.k.a. free) listings assuming they are more relevant to what is being looked up.

How to start a pay per click advertising campaign?

Two ways – Do it yourself (see our tutorial section) or hire a professional to create and manage this initiative for you. Know this – ANYONE can bid for keyword phrases on Google, Yahoo or MSN (that includes an average Joe); it is not difficult. A few reasons why you might consider hiring a professional PPC management service may include a lack of expertise and/or availability on your part.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our website provides extensive coverage of the SEO process. But straight to the point in this article.

Key Benefits (pros):

1. Free first page listing – unlimited clicks for free! Of course, it’s not that simple to achieve this. But in a nutshell, once you have performed a proper website optimization process combined with the off-site popularity building the reward is very promising. Enjoy a top spot and pay nothing for it.
2. Your website will appear in the main and organic / natural listings of the search engine results pages maximizing your traffic potential
3. Effective across all 3 leading search engines. (unlike in paid advertising, an effective SEO campaign will push your website to the top across all the leading search engines)

Key Drawbacks (cons):

1. Long term initiative. SEO cannot be performed overnight. In addition to the on-site optimization there are off-site popularity initiatives that need to be performed effectively. Having considered the fact that it may take anywhere from 3-6 months for search engines to re-index your website combined with the time it takes to develop your links it is safe to say an effective SEO campaign may take up to 12-18 months for your website to really feel it.
2. Higher startup costs. Unlike with sponsored ads where you can start small and grow big depending on your ROI, an effective SEO campaign is an investment. Depending on your level of competition, age and size of your website, other factors, and your goals an effective SEO contract should cost you a dollar.

How to start an SEO process?

Two ways! do it yourself (visit our tutorial section) or get a professional help. A few reasons why you should consider hiring Expert SEO Services may include a lack of expertise and/or availability on your part.
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