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Some SEO companies elect to to show their visitors a portfolio of their work to demonstrate their capabilities. Sometimes it’s rankings of their client websites that they demonstrate, other times it’s their own rankings. We believe the best way to demonstrate Super Seo Man’s work is for you to hear what our clients have to say. After all, if you are reading this, then we were successful at attracting you to visit us!

We develop long term relationships with our clients and that’s why I used present tense when I wrote “have to say”.

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I am absolutely impressed with your link building services. I was looking over the reports the other day and noticed that you’ve managed to place links on some edu and gov sites. This is incredible. I don’t know how you do this but I am impressed. Keep up the good work! Michael G.

– Thanks Mike! We are happy to have you as our client.

EDU Links? GOV Links? I never thought that is possible. But I guess hiring the right guy for the job makes it possible. Thanks Dave for not letting me walk away from your firm by doing an awesome job. Kevin H.

– My pleasure Kevin. We’ll keep it up!

I was ranting to Dave for the terrible article service I was getting everywhere I went. I demanded the best.. and I got the best. Thanks Dave and to all your team for the excellent work. Article writing services at is top-notch. Mark A.

– Thanks Mark!

Thanks for going over the report with me yesterday, Dave. It was impressive and exhaustive. I wish we had established our business relationship a long time ago! Kelly M.

– My pleasure, Kelly.

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