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Are .EDU and .GOV Links More Important than Any Others?

Many webmasters out there are asking that question on every SEO forum they can find. I will try and answer in this post.

Take a look at the image that offers an excellent visual explanation on how Google’s PageRank works:


The above image tells us that it is not the volume of the back links but their quality that has impact on the overall ranking of your website. Simply put: one high quality link is better than thousands of low quality ones.

How does one determine whether the link is of good quality or not? Does PageRank count?

In short, there are tools available on the internet that can help you analyse the quality of the prospective backlink. PageRank in itself is not something that speaks greatly of quality of any given web page. It all comes down to comparing that web page to similar pages on the World Wide Web.

For example, your page has a PageRank of 3, and a total of 10 decent quality backlinks which you’ve accumulated over time on various directories pointing to it. However your competition has also a PageRank of 3 and a total of 5 high quality backlinks. Now let’s dig deeper, your competition has links that are pointing from very authoritative websites such as a University (.edu) or government (.gov). Thos websites tend to have backlinks count in hundreds of thousands if not in millions. With that in mind, you are probably getting an idea who would rank better in this scenario.  Your competitor clearly has the same PageRank as your website but would most likely rank much higher than your website due to the high quality of those backlinks.

Does this mean one should do anything to get a .EDU link?

Don’t make a mistake by making that assumption. An .edu link in itself may not mean much. Especially if the link is buried in some deep university forum thread or a student association website.  Moreover, link building is not just about building a good link network but also about optimizing that network for relevancy to your website content. Simply explained: If you get an .edu link from a web page that has a solid backlink network itself, that is highly relevant to the content of the destination (your web page), then surely it would be a better link than a link from most directories out there regardless of their PageRank.

Some SEO experts believe that the ratio in the number of university and government websites to the number of websites in general is just too significant for engines such as Google not to give more value to the .edu and .gov links. While that opinion may have some validity to it, don’t fall into the trap of just getting any .edu link. Make sure you are targeting a backlink source that has a solid backlink network itself and at least seems like a valuable information resource to you. After all, it’s the value of the web content that any search engine out there values and appreciates the most.  Who could identify a valuable content better than the end user – yourself, the human?

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