Link Bait
It's a powerful form of Internet Marketing. It gets you links.

What is a link bait?

Link bait is a very powerful form of internet marketing. If you are familiar with the term Viral Marketing, link bait is aimed achieving the same goal – spread the word to millions through the word of mouth, quickly and effectively – like a virus. Except the success is measured by how many links this bait was able to generate.

The primary goal of the link bait is to attract as many links as possible. Link bait itself does not necessarily reflect any one of your products or services as its main objective lies with attracting traffic to your website through this amusing, entertaining, unusual, outrageous, and innovative content.

Step 1: Identify Groups with Highest Social Networking Potential

Identify content that would appeal to the largest community groups that have the highest social networking potential (SNP). This is done through a good research and analysis of every social network. Some of the groups may include: Bloggers, Forum Posters, News Writers, Content Creators, Resource Editors, Social Taggers, Viral Connectors, and Journalists.

Step 2: Create eye catching web content

Once the highest SNP group has been identified, research and create the most outrageous, fun, eye catching content that would appeal to that group and would have the potential of spreading like a virus.

Step 3: Push the word out

Now’s the time to kick this off and push the word to hundreds of thousand people worldwide, to generate as much viral potential as possible. We will use some of our pre-existing channels with access to over 300,000 communication hubs and journalists capable of spreading the word to millions. Our link bait packages start from $1,000.

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