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Links from other websites are votes...

Link Building Packages

Remember, links are like votes. Not all votes are the same. You may have a thousand votes but if they all originate from so called “link farms” that solely exist for one purpose; to link to other sites in exchange for cash, your website may find itself to be subject to being penalized by the search engines.

Super SEO Man does not build links using link farms, free directories, blogs, forums or any other mediums that don’t offer any substantial authority. The sites we will be generating you links from are considered heavy weight in authority and would include links from universities and colleges, government websites, websites that have existed for a long time and have accumulated and maintained their aurhority. Proper link building is the only way to increase your rankings on search engines.

Here is why you should be working with Super SEO Man to satisfy your SEO Link Building needs:

  • Our links are┬ásimply more powerful and valuable than those offered by our competitors
  • We don’t lock you into any contracts. We keep up the good work to retain you as our client
  • We offer full reporting which makes our work completely transparent. SEO is no secret.
  • Our link buiders are fully trained to be focused on your ROI
  • We offer different packages to fit every budget
  • We will help you identify the most effective keyword phrases to begin your campaign and will help you adjust your keyword selection throughout the process as desired rankings are achieved


$500 per


$1,500 per

Super SEO

$7,500 per

Guaranteed Links 3 10 30
Keyword Tracking
Keyword Analysis
Adwords Tracking
Competitor Tracking
Wordtracker Analysis
Backlink Analysis
Social Networking
Rank Tracking
Analytics Review
Blog Review
Design Analysis
Content Review
URL Index Review
Site Traffic Review
Monthly Reporting
Can Modify Campaign
Organic Review
W3C Validation
LinkBait Review
RSS Review
Interlinking Plan
Content Creation
Total Price $500 $1,500 $7,500
Minimum amount of links you will maintain every month from authority sites such as universities, government websites, media websites and other quality and relevant resources
Not every keyword will perform to your expectation. This service will offer you insight on what keywords may be a better choice
This will identify search volume and competition for selected keyword phrases in your line of business so that you can identify the best keywords to be used in optimization
What phrases are top money makers? Good to know when identifying phrases to be targetted in your link building campaign. This report will identify phrases by volume, PPC and competition
Identifies your Top 10 competitors – overview of their ranking, PageRank and indexed pages
WordTracker is a great resource for additional keyword ideas and information.
This part of the report will review any backlinks that you have accumulated to your website.
Reviews your website within the social media community and reports any mentions
Provides your current ranking status information on the search engines which allows you to compare it against your competitors
Displays analytics data on your website over a period of time
Analysis of your current blogging campaign and recommendations on how to improve
Reviews your website design, coding, css, presentation and configuration and recommends improvements
Reviews your website content for a level of backlink attractiveness (will it cause other websites to link to you?) and if not, provide such content
Are your URLs (internal site links) Google search engine friendly? Reviews and provides recommendations on your URL structure.
How are people currently reaching your website? Review and analysis will help identify current referral paths that work best
Your monthly report which is included in this package includes:  

  • Number of Backlinks and .edu links created
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitor Tracking
  • WordTracker Tracking
  • Social Networking Monitor
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Rank Tracking
  • Analytics Analysis
  • Blog Review
  • Interlinking Plan
  • Content Creation Status/Plan
  • URL Structure Review
  • Traffic Sources Review

This option allows you to modify your keywords campaign at any time (i.e. change your primary campaign keywords completely)
Identifies web pages on your website that rank within top 100 pages on Google for phrases that other website owners pay through Google Adwords campaign to be on the top pages. This will effectively identify the keyword phrases that you should consider making your primary keyword phrases
Will review and suggest specific changes to your website that would meet the criteria of the W3C standard
Looks for any content on your website that has the potential of being a link bait for backlinks
Suggests on how to optimize your RSS feeds for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
This plan would help you interlink your internal website pages in such a way that it would effectively distribute the votes received from external sites within your website. This will improve your internal page rankings and website as a whole will create linkable content for your website to attract quality backlinks from authority websites.

How this will work

Step 1: Perform Website Analysis

This initial review will look at your website from the following perspectives: content, existing back links to the site and the overall configuration and structure. This will give us a good idea as to what your website needs and allow us to identify the best action plan for your success.

Step 2: Develop a Strategy

As any other business out there you are probably already spending thousands of dollars every month on marketing campaigns that in your opinion return you no value. But you spend it anyway in hopes to get lucky. Well, that’s not how works. Super SEO Man is there to give you the best service for your dollar. We have been recognized as one of the top SEO link building company in the world. We use only ethical approach to link building that in full compliance with the guidelines of any major Search Engine. Our link building approach is highly effective. Getting the right back links can result in improved rankings of your website in engines like Google which will in turn increase traffic to your website.

Step 3: Campaign Execution

Using state of the art tools and software we developed ourselves over time we will identify the most relevant websites that will be made target to build links to your website. Our team will then create reasons for webmasters of those websites to link to your website. This is achieved through great existing content, targeted content that we create for your campaign or other ethical methods that are available to us.

Link Building Services

Having a hard time choosing a link building company? Please consider the following:

  • Link Relevance Relevance in link building process is everything. If you see company out there that offers links from “High PR sites” but either fail to disclose to you what the actual website is and whether it is relevant to your website’s content – keep away. It will be your website that will get penalized, not the SEO firm.
  • Paid Links Great way to rank well. Also a very risky way. Imagine you are running a legitimate business and you have very tough competition. You win and you rank at the top. Then the search engine finally identifies through their state of the art algorithm that you paid for your links. You lose your rankings, and you spent all that money for nothing but an illusion. Link building must be done right. By the rules.
  • Link Quality 10 years ago, websites were ranking high on search engines for merely optimizing their meta tags. But then, the search engine idea was very different. It was not as commercialized. Today its a big money making machine and everything is subject to scrutiny. In short, not every link is the same. Link farms, blogs, reciprocal links, 3 way links, forums.. well, they are useless for the most part. They used to be doing well before but not today. 1 good link can be better than 1,000 bad links. It’s common sense.

Effective link building will match links built on other sites to content that’s on your pages. Our link building campaigns are tailored to our customers particular situation and goals. We will look at your competition, we will study them well, we will identify their back links and we will get you better. Period.