Local Internet Marketing
It only makes sense to localize your internet marketing effort

Presently, most customers that turn to Internet to find the products or services they are looking for would limit their search to local businesses. And it makes sense. Why would they want to generalize their query and get information about a business in a country they don’t even live in? In addition to that, major search engines such as Google have, over the past few years developed sophisticated algorithms and applications in place to filter the results displayed to customers anyway.

It only makes sense to adapt to this new strategy and localize your internet marketing before you competition does. What does local internet marketing strategy involve? A lot. Starting with the the “same old” on-site pages optimization and complimenting that effort with the appropriate off-site seo campaign will make a huge difference in your local search engine marketing campaign. However, having the assistance of a professional search Internet Marketing SEO Specialist your success awaits you around the corner.

Super SEO Man offers great local search marketing packages to choose from.



$500 per month

Super Local

$2,500 per month

Local search engine marketing keywords to be analyzed 5 keywords 25 keywords
Setup of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.    
Full on-page optimization of home page plus additional number of sub-pages (Title tags, Images, Descriptions, keywords on page) 5 sub pages 25 sub pages
Create XML Sitemap creation and submit it to major search engines    
Register and optimize business listings in Google Places, Yahoo & Bing Local    
Create and Optimize Social Media profiles (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, and others) 5 profiles 25 profiles
Create unique articles for your website designed to attract links. 5 articles 25 articles
Organic link building through Original Relevant Content Posts on Blogs with links to your website 15 100
Total Price $500 per month $2,500 per month

Local Search Marketing Action Plan

  • 1st Month: Analyze Keywords, Setup Google Analytics & Webmaster tools, Perform On-Page optimization
  • 2nd Month: Setup and Submit XML Sitemap, Google Places, Yahoo & Bing Local Page creation, optimization & submission
  • 3rd Month: Create and Optimize Social Media profiles and the unique articles
  • 4th Month: Organic link building (15/50/100 links) plus (5/15/25) article submissions
  • 5th Month: Organic link building 15/50/100 links) plus (5/15/25) article submissions
  • 6th Month: Organic link building 15/50/100 links) plus (5/15/25) article submissions

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