On-page Optimization
Make it easy for customers to find you using the search engines

On-page Website Optimization Services

Understanding that proper keyword research resulting in identification of great opportunities is key to successful on-site optimization effort.

The page optimization process itself is aimed at optimizing your website content so that it is easier for your visitors to find you using search engines. Note: I am not writing “so that search engines can find you” on purpose. Even the search engines, and Google in particular, have a way, and technology, of identifying webites that aim to appeal solely to machines and make no effort to appeal to end users – the humans that actualy read and use the information. Every webmaster should strive to achieve the best end-user experience on their website in terms of content usability, organization and site architecture as a whole.

If your optimization is done with end user experience in mind (your customers) you will do just fine.

Our 10 Step web page optimization packag which only costs $750 will give you the following professional services:

  • Keyword Analysis Report
  • 20 Web Pages Optimized for Selected Keywords
  • Optimization of all META Tags
  • Image titles (Alt Tag) Optimization
  • Robots.txt Setup
  • Broken links check and error pages optimization
  • Setup Google Sitemap (XML)
  • Setup User Sitemap
  • Setup Social Bookmaking Button Tag
  • Submit Sitemap to Google

To ensure that your web page is correctly optimized for the search terms you are targeting, it is imperative to balance key phrase usage in your content, while not creating a negative experience for your customers browsing the web site.

What does On-page Optimization do?

  • Helps you reach your target audience
  • Promotes your branding
  • Allows search engines to properly index your website
  • Improves website’s crawlability
  • Improves search engine results pages exposure
  • Identifies missed opportunity keywords
  • Improves overall visitor experience

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