PPC Management Services
Pay Per Click Management Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Management

If you are familiar with the Pay Per Click concept of Internet advertising you will know that it takes time and patience to fully grasp and turn it into a profitable campaign. Once setup, this model can be a very successful advertising tool for attracting surfers to your website. Click here to get more information about Pay Per Clicks, or read our article about Organic Results vs Sponsored Results

We recognize that many business operators have neither the time nor desire to learn and then effectively manage a paid advertising campaign. For this reason we developed our Pay Per Click Advertising Management services aimed at assisting you with the setup and management of your campaign.

How This Works
Upon receipt of your request for service, our PPC management coordinator will review and assess your website so we can have a constructive business dialogue with you. We will then contact you to discuss targeted key phrases, competition, your PPC budget and our setup and management service fees. Once we have come to an agreement your PPC marketing campaign will be commenced.

The PPC management services that will be performed by SuperSeoMan.com

  • Research and Select the most relevant targeted keywords
  • Split keywords in categories to create appropriate ad groups
  • Create professional and effective ad text that complements your keywords
  • Evaluate landing pages (where your customers get once clicked) and provide you with detailed improvement recommendations
  • Incorporate tracking scripts within particular web pages to effectively track the success of your campaign.

Pay Per Click (PPC or Sponsored Ads) Management Package

Our service fees are based on the number of advertising campaigns to be maintained on your behalf. This will be determined prior to commencement of services. The following services are included with every sponsored ads management package:

  • Primary campaign goals and objectives review
  • Keyword / phrase analysis
  • PPC budget review and recommendations
  • Professional ad writing services
  • Keyword / phrase bid setup
  • Regular bid monitoring
  • Add effectiveness tracking, review and reporting
  • Ongoing ad adjustments based on results
  • Content recommendations for landing pages (pages where your visitors will get following a click.) Such recommendations may be made to improve your conversion rates.

Our prices start from as low as $250 per month to professionally manage your Google Adwords.

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