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SEO Reporting

SuperSeoMan’s internet marketing consulting services consist primarily of reporting. Research and analysis of existing data available on the Web is probably one of the most important milestones anyone engaged in SEO work must accomplish. To do this effectively you will require good tools, know what data to look for and where, time to analyse all that data and experience to put together an effective strategy to make all the findings work for your benefit.

That’s a lot of work. If a SEO company offers you such service “free of charge”… well, beware. That SEO firm is most likely doing what you can do yourself in about 1 minute, by accessing some free tools available online, entering your domain and receiving that trivial report.

We don’t use free tools. We have developed our own tools that are very specific about the data they extract from the World Wide Web and the search engines. There are some tools that we use outside our company but only because of one philosophy: why reinvent the wheel when it’s already out there and serving it’s purpose well? Bottom line, we will use any and all tools available to deliver highest quality market intelligence at your disposal while you concentrate on your business at hand.

Keyword Analysis and Conversions

This report will cover the following key areas that will help you identify the best keywords to use in your SEO strategy and opportunities that come with it.

This report will ultimately help you:

  • Increase traffic volume. Our research will point out keyword phrases that may open new opportunities and increased traffic to your website. You may rank well, but are you ranking well on proper keyword phrases?
  • Increase Conversions. Turning visitors into customers.. isn’t this the ultimate goal of any business? Keywords are opportunities. Keywords is the way your visitors find you. And there are some keyword phrases that have statistically made more money over time than others.
  • Save you time and moneyYou may be ranking at the top. But you have no traffic volume. This generally means that you are ranking at the top for low frequency phrases (LFPs). Not only that, but you are ranking well on a handful of such LFPs. Stop wasting your time. Find out what your true options are like and make educated decisions.

Our very thorough keyword analysis report is only $750.
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Backlink Analysis and Recommendations

This report will research and analyse your current on-site linking structure, your competitor’s linking structure and then identify current back links you and your competitor have and provide you with recommendations on how to improve.

  • Internal Link Review. How is your website currently interlinked. Are you reaping the benefits of good link building? Or are your link building efforts become less effective due to shortcomings on your end?
  • Back Links Analysis. First, we’ll identify your competitors for your targeted keywords. We will then look at what they are ranking for and how they get to be higher than you. We will then compare your data against your top competitor and show you exactly what needs to happen to help you outrank your competition.

This report is well worth the $750 investment. (Covers 1 competitor review. Additional competitors $500 each).

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