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Super SEO Man, a.k.a. Dave Sputnik began his official career in Internet marketing in 2005. Since then SuperSeoMan.com grew into a professional web marketing firm offering a complete set of web services to business owners and webmasters worldwide.

Our development process wasn’t easy. Search engine optimization, ranking, web promotion is not an exact science by an means. For this reason most of the know how we received was done through trial and error. It was a lengthy process.

Today SuperSeoMan.com is a well developed professional Internet marketing services company which prides itself for performing its services in ethical manner while respecting the guidelines of the major search engines and requirements of our clients. Overtime, SuperSeoMan.com developed own tools that are capable of extracting specific data from various search engines which is then turned into marketing intelligence that allows us to build effective marketing strategies for our clients.

SuperSeoMan.com performs it’s services in transparently. If you have purchased link building services from SuperSeoMan.com, you will receive a detailed report outlining exactly where are all your links. All our reports and recommendations are properly referenced and offer great value to any website owner.

Our firm does not and will not engage in dark, grey or any other less than ethical and risky tactics that would jeopardize our clients internet marketing campaign. Our job is not to help you rise through the ranks for a day or two, but to attain top positions and help you keep them. This means that we establish a very positive, strong business relationship from the get go and work closely together to promote your website on the Internet.

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Dave Sputnik
SuperSeoMan.com Team

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