What Makes a Traffic-Worthy Website?
Is your content attractive to Search Engines?

To all interested in learning more about the search engine optimization, welcome back. In our previous article we discussed the off-site optimization factor of the SEO process (link building). Visit our website listed at the end of this article to read about it. In this issue we will give you some suggestions relating to the on-site optimization component.

What is a Traffic-Worthy Website?
A Traffic-Worthy Website refers to developing a website that deserves top ranking in the major search engines due to its overall quality supported by page usability, design, and content. You shouldn’t expect high traffic to your website if it offers nothing useful to the surfers. Hope this makes sense. Now let’s discuss.

Website Usability
Have you ever accessed a website that made you look intensely for “contact us” information? Or perhaps some product details? Websites with a poor navigation system are being created every day. You may have noticed that 99% of all websites look similar. There is a navigation system deployed at the top, left side and at the bottom. Surfers got used to this system over the years of Internet existence and get frustrated easily when they can’t find a link that they expect to be found in an obvious spot. This is not to discourage you from designing a website with your own touch and feel. Just don’t forget to make it intuitive and above all, user-friendly.

Website Design
If you think your website looks like it was designed by an amateur, then your visitors will likely share your opinion. Think about it. Would you even consider spending a dollar over the Internet on a website that does not have a professional look? Small businesses spend in average $500 – $1,000 per month on various forms of advertising. A simple professional website can be developed at very reasonable rates (from $1,000 depending on individual project requirements). Your website is your office, storefront and a business pamphlet. Consider investing in a professionally developed website. It’s worth it.

If you already have a website with the top navigation system and a professional design start developing your content. Don’t launch “just another website” on the Internet. Don’t just offer a few advertising banners about what you do and call it a day. Create something useful for your visitors. Keep them coming back overtime for information relevant to their needs. Have other web masters link to your website because of the quality content you developed which they don’t have. Some content suggestions: Hints and Tips, About Us page, Industry Related Articles and many other topics. Don’t forget to author your content in a language an average visitor can understand. After all, that’s who all this hard work is for.

In Conclusion
Think about what an average visitor would expect to find on your website. Don’t cheat. It is a hard work but rewarding. Remember – building the loyalty and trust of your visitors today will help you attain high search engine rankings tomorrow.